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Home Health of Greenwood CountyEnriching Lives Since 1993

Home Health of Greenwood County has been providing quality care to area residents since 1993. Our goal is to provide disease management to help patients manage their disease(s), reduce unnecessary visits to the hospital, live the most fulfilling life possible and retain the greatest degree of independence in the most comfortable setting of all, the privacy and comfort of home.

About Home Health of Greenwood County

  • Home Health Services

    Our services are managed by knowledgeable and experienced Nurse Care Managers (RNCMs) who come to your home. To encourage the optimum independence for each of our patients, the staff at Home Health of Greenwood County work closely with physicians and other members of the patient’s care delivery team.

    Services include, but are not limited to:
    • Anodyne Therapy
    • Compression Pump Therapy
      Compression pump therapy is for chronic venous insufficiency and edema of the ankles and leg. In most cases, the patient will only need to perform the compression therapy two times per day for 30-60 minutes. Treatment is performed in a reclined position with the legs elevated.
    • Diabetic Management and Education
    • Disease Management
    • Home Health Aide
      Provides assistance with personal care, activities of daily living and light housekeeping
    • IV Therapy
    • Lab Draws and Specimen Samples
    • Nursing Services
      Provides medication teaching and assistance, wound care, physical assessment, post-surgical care, disease management and teaching, communication with the physician and designs a plan to assist the patient in staying at home and meeting their health care needs
    • Rehabilitation Services
      Includes Physical Therapy (PT), Occupational Therapy (OT) and Speech Therapy (ST)
      The therapists are professionals trained to assist patients in regaining and maintaining independence in the home.
    • Wound Care Assessment and Teaching
    • Wound Vacuum-Assisted Closure (VAC) Therapy
      Is a system that uses controlled negative pressure to help promote wound healing
      Our staff includes:
    • Registered Nurses (RNs)
    • Physical Therapists (PT, PTA)
    • Occupational Therapists (OT)
    • Speech Therapist (ST)
    • Dietitian
    • Home Health Aides (HHAs)
  • Our Service Area

    Counties located in our service area include Elk, Greenwood, Woodson and Eastern Butler.

  • Finances and Insurance

    Home healthcare is less expensive and can often be just as effective as care in a hospital or a skilled nursing facility. We are licensed by the State of Kansas and certified with Medicare and Medicaid. We also contract with private insurance companies, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas and Preferred Health Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    What criteria do patients have to meet to be eligible for the Medicare home health benefit?
    • All care must be ordered by a physician.
    • Patients must have a need for a skilled service (RN, ST, PT).
    • Patients must have a face-to-face encounter (appointment) with a doctor or other health care provider.
    • Patients must be homebound for Medicare services. This means the patient leaves home infrequently or for a short duration and requires considerable and taxing effort. Patients may leave home for medical necessity, religious purposes and occasional absences for non-medical purposes.
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    What kind of patient would benefit from home care?

    Circumstances include, but are not limited to:

    • Patients with a new medical diagnosis that may still require education or instruction
    • Patients recovering from surgery
    • Patients with recent injury or illness
    • Patients with a history of frequent falls
    • Patient with wound care (new or chronic)
    • Patients with a recent illness changing functional ability
    • Patients managing a serious or chronic disease or illness or dealing with multiple diagnoses
    • Patients who have been placed on new medications that may still require education or assessment
    • Patients who were previously hospitalized that are needing further evaluation, assessment and/or teaching
    • Patients who have recently had a stroke and are requiring therapy (PT, ST or OT)
    • Newly identified patients with a debilitating condition who would benefit from PT, ST or OT
    • Patients who have had hip or knee surgery
    • Patients with Foley Catheter
    • Patients who need ostomy management 
    • Patients who need diet teaching
    • Patients who need prosthesis care, gait training and/or use of adaptive devices (canes, walker, transfers)


“[The patient] has moved out of your service area and [is] living with family. You did a great job.”

Primary Physician of a Patient

“There are not enough words to express our thanks for the care and compassion you showed our loved one. You are an outstanding group of medical professionals! Please know that we greatly appreciated each and every one of you!”

Loved One of a Patient

“I am grateful to all who provided care, comfort and support to my loved one during his final month of life. What a nice service you provide for those in need.”

Loved One of a Patient

“You all are awesome. You made life easier on me. You made life easier on Mom. [I] hope your program doesn’t go anywhere. Again, thank you very much.”

Loved One of a Patient

“Thank you for always doing such a great job. You are all a great asset to your patients.”

“I would sincerely like to THANK each and everyone with Home Health. Everyone has been great to me and dedicated. The ones that call on me and help to keep me out of the hospital and everyone that helps on the phone. Everyone cares and is good to me. I just want all of you to know I appreciate you. God bless. Love and prayers.”


Contact, Hours and Location Information

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    Home Health

    At the Greenwood County Hospital
    • Address: 100 W. 16th St., Eureka, KS 67045 
    • Location: Separate building South of the Hospital 
    • Hours: Monday-Friday from 8 am to 5 pm  |  On-call 24/7  |  Closed weekends and holidays
    • Phone: (620) 583-5909
    • Fax: (620) 583-5189
    • Email: homehealth@gwch.org

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You may contact Home Health of Greenwood County at (620) 583-5909.