Financial Assistance At Greenwood County Hospital In Eureka KS

GWCH Financial AssistanceCommitted to Compassionate, High-Quality Care

Greenwood County Hospital’s mission is “To commit ourselves to providing compassionate, high-quality care in our communities.” As part of our mission, Greenwood County Hospital has a financial assistance program for our patients. A patient determined to be eligible for financial assistance will not be charged more for emergency or other medically necessary care than the amounts generally charged to patients who have insurance covering such care.

Our Financial Assistance

The purpose of our Financial Policy is to provide financial assistance for emergency and medically necessary healthcare services received as an inpatient or outpatient from Greenwood County Hospital in a fair, consistent, respectful and objective manner to indigent, medically indigent, uninsured or underinsured patients. To receive a copy of our Financial Assistance policy by mail, please contact the Business Office at the phone number below.

Financial Assistance Program Policy

  • Who Can Apply for Assistance

    Uninsured and underinsured individuals are eligible to apply for financial assistance. All patients, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, national origin or financial status, may apply for financial assistance at Greenwood County Hospital.

    This practice serves all patients regardless of ability to pay.
    Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income.
    For more information, ask at the front desk or visit
    Thank you.

    Esta práctica atiende a todos los pacientes independientemente de su capacidad de pago.
    Se ofrecen descuentos para servicios esenciales según el tamaño de la familia y los ingresos.
    Para más información, pregunte en la recepción o visite nuestro sitio web. Gracias.

  • How to Apply for Assistance

    To apply for financial assistance, download the financial assistance application, complete the application and return it to the Hospital Business Office. To receive an application by mail, please contact the Business Office at the phone number below.

    Financial Assistance Application
  • Payment Options

    Greenwood County Hospital offers options for paying your hospital bill, including payment plans. Please contact the Business Office at the phone number below for more information.

Contact, Hours and Location Information


You may contact the Business Office in the Greenwood County Hospital at (620) 583-7451.