Greenwood County Hospital Advisory Council

GWCH Patient & Family Advisory CouncilHelp to Improve Care at Greenwood County Hospital

Greenwood County Hospital is always searching for previous patients or family members to serve on our Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC). By offering a patient perspective, our advisors can give value-based feedback to our staff, providers and board members about changes that can improve our organizational goals. 

Volunteer Advisor Position

Individuals who may be able to offer constructive feedback about the care you or a loved one has received at our facility are encouraged to join the PFAC. This is just the beginning of our program to improve our care, and we hope you will take the journey with us to impact the future of healthcare at Greenwood County Hospital.

  • Requirements

    The volunteer position is an integral part of influencing changes within all aspects of care at Greenwood County Hospital. We are flexible with time commitments as we develop the role and can make arrangements to accommodate advisor schedules.

  • Qualifications

    No special qualifications or expertise are necessary to be a patient or family advisor. What is important is an individual’s experience as a patient or family member at the hospital. Strong advisor candidates:

    • Are coping well with their hospital experiences.
    • Are willing to talk about their experiences and can effectively share insights and information.
    • Demonstrate a passion for improving healthcare for others.
    • Have the ability to listen well, respect the perspectives of others, interact with many different kinds of people and work in partnership.
    • Enjoy working with others, show a positive outlook on life and bring a sense of humor.
    • Represent a broad cross-section of our hospital’s population.
  • Apply to be an Advisor

    To apply to be an advisor with PFAC, download the application, complete the application and follow the instructions for submitting the application, which could be via mail, in-person or by fax.

    PFAC Advisor Application
  • Current Patient & Family Advisory Council Members

    Diane Branine

    Janice Brown

    Faith Butler

    Larry Clopton

    Billie Hanson

    Larry Hibbard

    Betty Richardson



You may contact Melissa Jones at (620) 583-7451, extension 1082.