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GWCH NewsFinding your reason why to be vaccinated against COVID 19!

August 3, 2021

Many people are still on the fence about obtaining the COVID 19 vaccine and it is completely understandable.Finding your reason why to be vaccinated against COVID 19!

Your health is very important and considering your options for obtaining a new vaccine may take a while. A lot has changed since the vaccine came out in late 2020 and now is a good time to re-evaluate the situation.
If you have been on the fence about getting that vaccine, here are some reasons why other people are choosing to be vaccinated now instead of continuing to hold off:
1. Data shows that unvaccinated people are more likely to get COVID 19 than those who have been vaccinated. This is the #1 reason to be vaccinated. While vaccinated individuals can still contract COVID 19, statistical data shows those numbers to be less than 1% of the new cases reported. The majority of individuals being hospitalized for COVID 19 are unvaccinated individuals and it is often those who are more vulnerable to serious illness, such as those with underlying health conditions and people of color.
2. The vaccines have a good track record. Months of data are now available that back up what the clinical trials have shown with regard to the COVID 19 vaccinations. These vaccinations were thoroughly tested for safety. The side effects for most are mild, the risk of serious complications is relatively low and generally no greater than the risks associated with other vaccines – especially when compared to the risks of getting COVID 19.
3. Finding and getting the vaccine is so easy! Here in Greenwood County, obtaining a vaccine is very simple. Call the Health Department to obtain the Johnson & Johnson vaccine or call the Greenwood County Hospital Outreach Department for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. In other communities, there are vaccine clinics, your doctor’s office might provide the vaccine, and there are many large pharmacies that have the vaccine available – you might even be able to get that vaccine without an appointment.
4. The Delta variant is more deadly than previous variants and the vaccines protect against this variant. The Delta strain is more easily spread and has been resistant to some treatments for COVID 19. The vaccine has been effective in reducing the symptoms of COVID 19 if contracted after vaccination.
5. School is getting ready to start again. Some of the vaccines have been approved for school-age children and you can show them that the vaccines are safe and effective by getting your own vaccination.
6. A final consideration is freeing up space in hospitals for those who are suffering from illnesses other than COVID 19. The vast majority of current hospital admissions are for people with COVID 19 and bed space for other serious illnesses is extremely limited. Our own experiences here at Greenwood County Hospital are no different. We find it extremely difficult to transfer our patients with heart attacks, strokes, sepsis, and other serious health complications to larger hospitals because those hospitals do not have the bed space due to COVID 19. Our search for a transfer to another hospital extends as far away as Denver, CO and St. Louis, MO and we understand that this would be a hardship for travel for the loved ones, but our options are limited.
You have the right to protect your health. Being informed is the best way to ensure that protection. As with any medical decision that you make about your health, you can speak with your doctor about the vaccine and your options.


You may contact the Greenwood County Hospital main phone number at (620) 583-7451. We look forward to assisting you!

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